Research topics

Artificial intelligenceElectrical and electronic engineering
Machine LearningEmbedded systems
Combinatorial optimization and mathematical programmingTelecommunications engineering
Numerical methodsRobotics
Linear and non linear programmingControl and mechatronics
Multi-objective programmingPhysics
Parallel and distributed computingCivil engineering
Bio-inspired computing and neural networksSmart grids and energy systems
Fuzzy systemsSmart city and traffic simulation
Scalable computingAerospace, naval and marine engineering
Metaheuristic optimization algorithmsTransport, logistics engineering
Hybrid algorithmsSoftware and Computer Engineering
Dynamic optimizationBig Data
Continuous optimizationProgramming and data mining
Stochastic processes and modelingAutomotive mechatronics
Probability and statisticsAviation
FinanceGovernance and management in the era of digital transformation
Entrepreneurship and project managementQuality, risk and performance management in SMEs